If there was a universal language for comfort food, “cheesecake” would be one of the first words you’d need to learn. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place in the world where it doesn’t exist in one form or another – whether it’s the Austrian topfentorte, the Philippines’ purple ube cheesecake, or the Russian vatrushka. And did you know its history can be traced all the way to Ancient Greece?!


If you prefer your cheesecake to come with naught but a sprig of mint and a few stray berries, you might just be what we call a cheesecake purist. In that case, here are a few spots where you can enjoy the legendary dessert in its most familiar form:


The duo (formerly trio) of Doris coffee shops is something of a cult destination for local foodies – there’s a reason we at ITMO.NEWS have already sung praises to their cheesecake not once but twice.

Cheesecake at Le Moniteur. Photo courtesy of the author

Cheesecake at Le Moniteur. Photo courtesy of the author

Le Moniteur

According to our anonymous board of dessert experts, this quaint little coffee shop near ITMO’s Birzhevaya campus is a formidable contender for Doris’ status as the cheesecake mecca of St. Petersburg. Come here after classes and pair the sweet treat with a mug of bitter coffee and a good book for the perfect break.


With one location smack-dab in the middle of Nevsky Prospect and another one up north (near an ITMO dorm!), Italiani is a smart and accessible pick if you want your cheesecake to be preceded with a hearty meal of artisan pizza or pasta.

Credit: Tina Guina (@kittinskie) via Unsplash

Credit: Tina Guina (@kittinskie) via Unsplash


If, however, you wish to venture beyond the confines of tradition and see what wonders our city’s inventive cooks have come up with, enjoy this selection of the more unusual takes on the dessert:

Goose Goose

Planning a date? Or maybe you’d just like to treat yourself to a special meal? This upscale Italian joint has recently expanded its menu with an exquisitely decorated mint-and-tarragon cheesecake.


This cyberpunk-themed Asian fusion bar near ITMO’s Lomonosova campus offers its visitors a fresh take on the airy Japanese “cotton cheesecake,” topped with salted caramel and sesame. Meshiagare!

Traditional basque cheesecake. Credit: mahyar mirghasemi (@mahyar_mirghasmi) via Unsplash

Traditional basque cheesecake. Credit: mahyar mirghasemi (@mahyar_mirghasmi) via Unsplash

tureckiy bistro

Though the menu here is a glimpse into the world of Berlin street food, the dessert section takes a sharp detour westward towards Basque Country – yep, you guessed it, this is about the Basque burnt cheesecake, with its characteristic charred top that gives it an unusual mix of flavors.


For a glimpse into the Russian soul cuisine, look no further than this hip bakery and its modern brioche-based take on the traditional apricot vatrushka.


Cheesecake from O'zhivaya. Credit: vk.com/ozhivaya

Cheesecake from O'zhivaya. Credit: vk.com/ozhivaya


In addition to the cozy cake shop near the Gorkovskaya metro station, this plant-based cake store’s goods can also be found at a variety of other stores and bistros around the city, most notably the Greenbox chain of health food cafes. Here, you’ll find a trifecta of silken tofu-based cheesecakes with lemon curd, caramel & peanut, and even kiwi.

A cashew-based lemon cheesecake from Krolik Begi. Credit: vk.com/krolikbegi

A cashew-based lemon cheesecake from Krolik Begi. Credit: vk.com/krolikbegi

Krolik Begi

The varied selection at this creatively-named vegan cake shop (Krolik, Begi! translates to Rabbit, Run!), also conveniently located near the Lomonosova campus, includes a cheesecake that’s sugar-free, gluten-free, but flavor-full.

Need some cheesecake in the clutch? Satiate your urgent need with the help of our guide to St. Petersburg’s countless bakeries and pastry shops.