A nighttime performance of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons

Vivaldi live, at a church, in the middle of a warm summer night – need we say more? If that’s not enough, however, we’ll mention that the church went through a fire in 2002 and only its outside was restored, turning the inside into a special and beloved performance space. This time, it will shine in a new light, as the unique performance will be accompanied by ebru art created live and projected on a screen behind the orchestra. A once-in-a-lifetime experience is guaranteed! 

Trainspotting on-screen 

  • July 17-18
  • Theaters around St. Petersburg
  • 200-350 rubles (find showtimes and tickets here)

This weekend brings with it an incredible chance to see what some call the best movie of the 1990s, Trainspotting, on the big screen. A modern classic with a star-studded cast exploring the topics of drug addiction, atrocities of urban life, and the darker corners of consumerism, this is definitely a must-see (or even a must-read if you have the chance) and this summer you can do it at a variety of theaters around St. Petersburg. We, however, recommend you check out Dom Kino, one of St. Pete’s unique cinemas that will definitely add to the experience (perhaps, more than a regular multiplex). You can purchase tickets to the screenings at Dom Kino here

Summer Music Park Festival

Coming to St. Petersburg for the fifth time already, this open-air festival will feature performances from virtuosos of some of the city’s best theatres in a variety of genres all intertwined in a grand program. On Friday, we are promised to hear some of the timeless classics, on Saturday – swing to the (perhaps, just as timeless) jazz tunes, and on Sunday the air will be electrified with the passion of tango. Moreover, at 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday, you will be able to hear your favorite movie soundtracks, as well as orchestral covers of world-renowned rock hits. Whether you visit every day of the festival or only join it for a night, it will definitely make your weekend great, especially given the magical surroundings of the St. Petersburg Botanical Garden.

Cool exhibitions still on at Erarta

Finally, a friendly reminder about some astounding exhibitions at Erarta Museum that we’ve written about before and you might’ve missed but you definitely shouldn’t! Firstly, there is Shintaro Ohata’s The Place Where It Begins with its truly uncanny ability to reset your view on the world and bring you back to those roots where it all began for you – be that your favorite swings or those long walks in the rain-swept city. Then, don’t overlook Stefano Bombardieri’s The Boy and the Elephant, which, apart from also bringing you back to that childish perception of the world, makes you ponder on the way our view on animals changes as we grow older. And, last but not least, (re)discover what it means to be human with Adam MartinakisThe Symbol of Existence.