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  • Wild Potato for the Welfare of Cultivated Vegetables

    Mechanisms of interaction between microorganisms and plants, for instance, symbiosis of bacteria and vegetables, are a poorly researched field. Making a breakthrough can lead to new technologies of food storage. The specialists of International Research Center "Biotechnologies of the Third Millennium" study this issue in order to develop anti-parasitic medications. This year Romain Darriaut, Master’s student from Sup’Biotech University, joined the research group.


  • ITMO University Joins the Horizon 2020 to Develop MRI

    An international research consortium, which includes the International Research Center for Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, joined the top 25 centers that won the Horizon 2020 grant.


  • Junction Hackathon — New Solutions for VR Gear

    Junction, one of the world's biggest technological hackathons, has recently ended in Helsinki. Young developers competed in 11 contests, each being a project that had to be completed in 48 hours. A team comprised of ITMO and Polytechnical university students created a new technology for controlling virtual reality. Their invention can ease the use of VR considerably, as well as decrease the costs of VR devices.


  • Scientists Design a Computer Simulation of a Human Artery

    Researchers from the Netherlands and Russia presented a concept of the Virtual Artery. According to the scientists, a new multiscale computer model of the human artery will combine several sub-models of cardiovascular system at different complexity levels. The developers believe that such a detailed model can lay foundation for a deeper study of vessel pathologies and become an alternative to animal tests in pharmacology. The study appeared in Philosophical Transactions A.


  • Scientists Produce Water Based Tunable Metasurfaces

    Scientists from Russia and Denmark firstly demonstrated a tunable metasurface based on the most common substance on the Earth — water. Artificially produced materials, called metasurfaces, manipulate microwaves and are known for long. Currently the researchers show that water based metasurface may perform like metal or silicon ones, being at the same time extremely cheap and tunable right in the operation process. The scientists studied properties of the metasurface just in that frequency range, which is the same as modern gadgets have, and suggested that it can be used to block mobile signals. The study was published in Applied Physics Letters.


  • Russian Scientists Develop New Metasurfaces for Deep UV-Imaging

    Russian researchers developed a new material, which converts infrared light to ultrashort pulses of ultraviolet. For this purpose, the scientists exposed silicon film to laser so that its relief adjusted under light wavelength and made properties of the material resonant. In the end, the researchers got a cheap and easy-to-make metasurface, which is as effective as existing ones. The new technology can help create compact UV generators for biophotonics and medicine, and also devices for ultradense data processing in optical communication. The study was published in Nanoscale.