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  • Movie Chitter-Chatter: Pride and Prejudice

    Do you ever find yourself having deep internal dialogs about movies and TV shows you’ve seen? No? Just me? Well, then. Here’s a sneak peek of my madness for you to enjoy. All credits for the format, idea, and my split personality disorder go to The Guardian’s pass notes. Making your readers non compos mentis: that’s what I call engaging journalism. But I digress. Without further ado, please welcome a sister of our regular Movie Fridays, Movie Chitter-Chatter, with its first edition dedicated to a make-believe tale resting firmly in the British collective psyche, Pride and Prejudice.


  • Movie Fridays: New Releases

    Going to the movies is always an unforgettable experience that manages to magnify a film’s message (or aggravate its flaws): nothing distracts you from what is going on at the screen (except for maybe those annoyingly loud popcorn-chewing noises coming from the neighboring seat – a petition on banning popcorn from movie theaters needs to happen), and you can take it all in and just get lost in the moment. Here’s a rundown on what’s in the cinema right now if watching a movie or two is on your weekend agenda!


  • Movie Fridays: The Best of Edward Norton

    A three-time Oscar nominee and yet one of Hollywood’s most underrated actors, Edward Norton often plays troubled characters dealing with internal conflict, and that, coupled with his exceptional talent, is what makes his works so enjoyable. It is impossible to encompass all of Norton’s brilliant performances in one short piece of writing, so I’ll only tell you about some of my favorites.


  • Movie Fridays: Studio Ghibli, Nuff Said

    As much as we want to give credit where it’s due, we have to admit that there’s no balance of power in Japanese animation, no level-playing field, no equal footings. Take a look at any best-anime list and what you’ll see will be one director and one animation studio calling the shots, and for a good reason. There’s no task more difficult for a cinephile that to pick a favorite out of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s movies, but here’s our attempt; just be mindful of the fact that all of their works are a wealth of unique cinematic experiences, and we heartily recommend you give them a go!


  • Movie Fridays: Anime's Unsung Heroes

    It’s hard to see through that sparkling Miyazaki haze that surrounds Japanese anime culture, but once you do, you’ll find that the Land of the Rising Sun is awash with other genius animators who are no less worthy of attention. As much as we love the maestro himself (keep your eyes peeled for our Studio Ghibli best-of!), we’d like you to meet our other anime idols; we promise that they’ll woo you just as much!


  • Movie Fridays: The Autumn Showdown

    We may be nudging you to spend fall in a vivid kaleidoscope of long park rambles and new beginnings, but before you start planning your agenda, there’s a big, fat, Falstaffian even, elephant in the room we haven’t discussed. Crunchy leaves, pumpkin harvesting, decorating for Halloween? Pfff. Ain’t no cinephile got time for that: we have a host of new series to attend to. For autumn means the start of a brand-new TV show season, and for good reason: what with the weather cooling down, nights closing in, and rain slowly but surely turning our streets into the Great Deluge apocalypse, the outside quickly loses its appeal – to the benefit of warm, marshmallow-esque couches, snug blankets, and cozily flickering TV screens. So if you’re up for a good ol’ cinematic binge, here’s our rundown on the best-of new fall TV.


  • Movie Fridays: Laughs A La Française

    Apart from their baguettes, berets, and the Eiffel Tower, the French are known for their cinematographic chef-d'oeuvres. So if you're looking for a good French comedy, check out our Movie Friday's list!


  • Movie Fridays: A Quick Fix

    Yay it’s September 1! said no movie-obsessed student ever. School may be interesting and everything (cut us some slack as we try to scramble some enthusiasm not to make you all depressed), but with the snazzy Venice and Toronto film festivals marking the homestretch for the Oscars season, the piling-up homework doesn’t usually leave us cinema buffs much time to indulge. Feel a lump in your throat yet? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. There’s a way out, and it comes to us *cue the celestial light and the angels singing* in the form of YouTube. Whether you’re up for some procrastination action or just fancy a little break from racking your brains, here’s our best-of-the-best of the ‘Tube (and no, there’re no cats videos involved). 


  • Movie Fridays: Time of Your Life

    Directors have always had a soft spot for coming-of-age films, and for good reason. Finding your first love, discovering who you really are and what you want to do with your life… It certainly makes for a perfect story.


  • Movie Fridays: New Kids Rule The School

    They say that in life, you should always strive to be a glass-half-full kind of person. That’s why after a gloom-ridden verdict on the perennial battle of old films versus their reboots, we decided to look at the bright side of cinema and embark on a quest for movies that are comparable to, if not better than, their cinematographic (or literary) predecessors. A positive Movie Fridays review – don’t say we don’t treat you well.