ITMO Highpark, including its indoor and outdoor public spaces, campus, and roads, was designed by the architectural bureau Studio 44, which also handled negotiations with responsible administrative bodies to compile project documentation for the construction of the university’s second campus. 

“The general layout of the complex reflects the university’s ambition to be open to the public. Among the public spaces on campus are both semi-private ones, such as a park and a square, as well as those entirely open to the public and appealing equally for students, residents, and guests of the complex. Among these spaces is a lengthy square along the northern facade of the campus and another square with a more complex shape,” states ITMO Highpark’s description on the awards’ website. 

Concept design of ITMO Highpark. Credit: Studio 44

Concept design of ITMO Highpark. Credit: Studio 44

Held annually under the aegis of the Worldwide St. Petersburg Club since 2018, the international Golden Trezzini Awards brings together thousands of designers and architects. The international jury of the awards includes representatives of 32 countries. 

Over 1,200 contestants from 72 countries were nominated for the awards this year in nearly 30 categories, such as architectural, interior, and exhibition design, scenography, urban architecture, and facade and interior ceramics. Two categories evaluated works created by students in related fields.

The 20+ winning projects came from all over the world, including countries such as Belgium, Brazil, India, Italy, China, Russia, USA, and Finland.

ITMO Highpark is now under construction in the Yuzhny satellite city, in the south of St. Petersburg. The complex will consist of a campus for the university’s Master’s and PhD students, a techno valley, and a business park for tech enterprises. The construction is carried out in collaboration with the Russian Government and the Government of St. Petersburg as part of the national program Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation.

The project’s mission is to help individuals realize their potential through an ecosystem for talents, quality of life, and capital. ITMO University’s second campus will become an environment for personal, professional, and creative growth of students and faculty.

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