Sand Sculpture Festival

What if we told you that there’s a place in St. Petersburg where Japanese cherry blossoms are still blooming, the Eiffel Tower soars upward into space, and the Colosseum opens a window into the power and drama of ancient Rome? With one minor reservation – it’s all made of sand. This weekend, stretched along the beach of Peter and Paul Fortress, the Sand Sculpture Festival will take you on a journey to other cities and countries – and even a magic fairytale land. Every day, rain or shine, visitors will have the chance to enjoy ephemeral yet beautiful sand masterpieces against the background of the Neva River, the Hermitage Museum, and the Rostral Columns. 

EastEast Picnic

If Middle Eastern and North African musical traditions are something that you’ve always wanted to learn more about but never had the time, do not fret, because your chance is here. As part of the Mawaheb Music Festival, New Holland Island will host free concerts, lectures, workshops, and screenings of documentaries on musical traditions. On June 6, the island will come alive with oud music, psychedelic blues, modern Arabic folk, ancient Circassian songs, Dagestani legends, and Turkish melodies. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience a new kind of a picnic!

Petshop Days 2021

Love animals? Then this is for you! This weekend, the Petshop Days festival will bring together all fellow animal lovers for some vibrant and hip holidays in Woofstadt, Meowsburg, Hamsterville, and the City of Good. Sounds cool, right? Along with an intensive event program, there will be a food court, sports grounds, art exhibitions, bike rides, concerts, competitions, and much, much more. If you feel like it, visit the City of Good and make the lives of animals a bit happier – and maybe even meet your new four-legged friend.

Exhibition by Peter Kirusha

  • May 27 - June 26, Tue-Sun 11 am - 7 pm
  • MYTH Gallery
  • Free entrance

If solving the riddles of contemporary art sounds like your idea of fun, then visit a free exhibition by the artist Peter Kirusha and get your head around the nature of chaos. Displayed at the MYTH Gallery, his solo landscape series depicts the interaction between modern humans and chaos. The artist sees chaos as, on the one hand, absolute freedom, and on the other – something with no specific boundaries. Chaos is everywhere, and it’s your chance to comprehend it. 

And if one exhibition is not enough, there’s also an ongoing exhibition at AIR Gallery where ITMO’s Art & Science students present their thought-provoking art projects on self-discovery, new perspectives, and the relationship between AI and humans.

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