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  • How Algorithms Help Design Drugs: ITMO Graduate Aleksandr Sadovnikov On Developing Bioinformatics Software

    Aleksandr Sadovnikov has recently completed his ITMO Master’s program, but he’s already a senior software developer at BIOCAD. In June, he published an article on Habr in which he discusses the role of algorithms in drug development and the use of knowledge that he got at the university. 


  • ITMO Graduate and Owner of Chili Marketing Agency Konstantin Khomchenko: Do What You Love and Love What You Do

    The owner of the Chili Marketing agency, ITMO University graduate Konstantin Khomchenko has made his way from a manager to an owner of his own business. Konstantin doesn’t forget about his alma mater either, being a coach at ITMO University’s Accelerator. ITMO.NEWS talked to Konstantin Khomchenko to find out what obstacles are standing in the way of those wanting to launch their own business, and what to avoid when working on your own project.


  • ITMO Graduate and World Champion in Beach Tennis Shares His Story

    Nikita Burmakin is a graduate of ITMO University’s School of Computer Technologies and Control. In all his nine years of studies, he regularly showed good results both academically and in sport. Since his childhood, Nikita has been playing tennis, got into volleyball in university and then transferred to beach tennis. ITMO.NEWS met the alum to find out how his university education helps him in his sporting career, whether he plans to go back to his profession and what memories he has of his student years.


  • ITMO University Graduate Alexandra Bystrova: You Can Always Find Your Identity in a New Field, City or University

    Alexandra Bystrova graduated from ITMO first with a Bachelor’s degree in “Informatics and Computer Hardware and Software” and then a Master’s degree in “Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation Economics”. She now lives in Moscow. Over the last couple of years, she went from a student just out of university to a product manager position in MTS, one of the largest Russian telecommunication companies. ITMO.NEWS asked Alexandra how she became part of the MTS team, what was the reason for her relocation to Moscow, what forms of sexism a young woman should expect to encounter in IT and why you should never give up after yet another failure.


  • Business Analyst and Football Player: ITMO University Graduate On Juggling Sports and Career

    Natalia Kanaeva graduated from ITMO University in 2014. A business analyst by trade, Natalia says that she has two jobs, her career and football, which she treats with equal responsibility and dedication. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, the graduate talks about the role ITMO played in her life and what it takes to successfully combine sports and career.


  • ITMO University Graduate On Working in Public Service and Studies at ITMO

    Elena Senicheva entered ITMO University’s Department of State Information Systems Management thanks to the victory in the Prof-IT Russian regional competition, organized by the E-Government Center. In this competition, local and regional authorities from all over Russia present their IT projects focusing on innovations and IT solutions that can benefit the development of various sectors of the Russian economy. The competition’s winners get a chance to study at ITMO University. Before joining ITMO as a Master’s student, Elena worked for 13 years at the Department of Land and Property Relations in Rostov-on-Don, and after that, she left the public service to work in a commercial company. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Elena shares about her university days and how studying at ITMO University changed her life.


  • Programmer Alexander Mordvintsev on Working at Google, Curiosity and Future of Programming

    Alexander Mordvintsev, an ITMO University graduate and a researcher at Google, visited ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies with a series of lectures on programming. In addition to analyzing real cases and providing valuable tips for young professionals, Alexander spoke to ITMO.NEWS about how he landed a job at the international corporation, switched from being a software engineer to a researcher, launched his project DeepDream, as well as what projects he is currently working on and why novice programmers should pay attention to modern chemistry and biology.


  • ITMO Graduate and Entrepreneur Denis Ovcharov on Importance of Soft Skills

    Having graduated from ITMO University in 2007, Denis Ovcharov has managed to build a career in such corporations as KPMG, one of the largest Big Four audit companies along with Deloitte, Ernst & Young and PwC, and Ilim Group, the leading company in the pulp and paper industry in Russia. Now the graduate is developing his own business, while last year, he became the winner of Leaders of Russia, a competition for specialists in the field of management. Denis Ovcharov has recently given an open lecture on leadership and strategic thinking for ITMO University students. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, he shares about the importance of having a technical background, why it is crucial for programmers to hone their soft skills, and how to choose your career path.


  • ITMO Graduate from the Republic of Chad on His University Experience

    ITMO University’s international alumni pursue a world of different opportunities after their graduation. Some of them return to their home countries to travel their professional path. Dezoumbe Ouinra, a 2007 graduate of the specialization “Design and Technology of Electronic Computing Devices”, went back to his native Republic of Chad to work at the national Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, and continued his career at the Chadian national television, supporting its transition to state-of-the-art technologies. With the help of ITMO’s Alumni Center, ITMO.NEWS managed to talk to Dezoumbe to find out why he decided to study in St. Petersburg and how this experience has been helping him in the years since.


  • ITMO Master’s Student Named One of St. Petersburg’s Best Students

    The annual Awards Ceremony has been recently held in the Peter and Paul Fortress to honor the best graduates of St. Petersburg universities. The Acting Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov, and the Chairman of Rectors’ Union of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast Andrey Demidov gathered to congratulate the young experts. ITMO University was represented by Meruert Nurysheva, a Master’s student at the Faculty of Cryogenic Engineering and Vice-Chair of the International Student Club.